A sampling of 50 closed deals from our resumes


Duffy Heating & Air Conditioning 

Syracuse, NY


Corporate Relocation Services

Syracuse, NY


Ri-Coz Building Services, Inc.

Syracuse, NY


Commercial Air Services, Inc.

St. Catharines, Ontario


CommAir Mechanical Services - Division of ABM Industries (NYSE: ABM)

Los Angeles, CA - $32 million


Granby Steel Tanks

Montreal, Quebec - $21 million


Longville Group, Ltd

County Durham, UK - $ nine figures


Allstate Insurance Agency

Syracuse, NY


VIP Companion Care 

Syracuse, NY


Cleantec Enterprises

Syracuse, NY


Spot Coolers, Inc.

Boca Raton, FL - $ eight figures


Georgia Chiller Service, Inc.

Atlanta, GA


Sharp Mechanical, Inc. 

St. Louis, MO


Stellmack, Inc.

Binghamton, NY


HVAC Portable Systems, Inc.

Dallas, TX


CNC Machine Tool & Die 

Syracuse, NY


Andrews Distribution Co.

Nashville, TN


Technical Mechanical Services, Inc.

New York, NY


Mutlitronics Industrial

City of Industry, CA


Keith Struble A/C (division of PSE&G - NYSE: PEG)

Fairfield, NJ


Select Energy (divisions of Northeast Utilities - NYSE: NU)

Springfield, MA / Boston, MA


R&B Enterprises, Inc.

Okalahoma, OK


HVAC Services, Inc.

Dallas, TX


Boonstra Mechanical, Inc.

Hamilton, Ontario


Diverse HVAC Services

Oakville, Ontario


YPS Services, Inc.

Austin, TX


Hi-Tech Mechanical Services, Inc.

Salt Lake City, UT


Joseph Davis Mechanical Services, Inc.

Buffalo, NY


Michael Mechanical Services, Inc.

Mississauga, ON


Southwind Air Conditioning, Inc.

Memphis, TN


Joe Jouett Air Conditioning, Inc.

San Antonio, TX


Southland Industries, (divisions of)

Portland, OR and Seattle, WA


Aire Engineering, Inc.

Grand Rapids, MI


WYCO Mechanical, Inc.

Fort Collins, CO


Hampton Roads Heating & Cooling, Inc.

Chesapeake, VA


Owen West Mechanical, Inc.

Louisville, KY


DSD Mechanical

San Diego, CA


Fitzpatrick Mechanical Services, Inc.

Reno, NV


A.L. Smith Mechanical Contractors, Inc.

Jacksonville, FL


Koenigseder & Sons, Inc.

Fort Smith, AR


Arkansas Mechanical Services, Inc.

Little Rock, AR


Illinois Mechanical Services, Inc.

Peoria, IL


Advanced Environmental, Inc.

Dayton, OH


City A/C and Refrigeration, Inc.

Desert Hot Springs, CA


C&C Services, Inc.

Kansas City, KS


Commercial Air Services, Inc.

Tucson, AZ


Pro-Air Systems, LTD

Vancouver, BC


Rouse Mechanical, Inc.

Minneapolis, MN